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jueves, agosto 21, 2008


Desert Scarab, originalmente cargada por Shane Vorhaben.

...so, I couldn't really work on anything last week
due to work...that job shit really gets in the way
sometimes doesn't it?...anyway, I was going through
drawing withdrawls the other night and forced myself
to crack open the 'ole moleskine...

...here's what I learned..and I may be repeating myself
here...whenever I draw a picture from a photograph,
though I may like the end result, it doesn't give me
the same feeling that I get when I draw something
from my imagination. But, for some reason, that
doesn't apply when drawing from life....be it a still
life or something outside...drawing from life still
seems like your "creating" something..I mean, you pick
your view, your angle, etc...

..anyway, to make a long story short, ..when drawing
from a photo, I may like the asthetic when I'm
finished , but the feeling of accomplishment is
lesser than something I've created from my imagination.

..I would love to hear your thoughts on this..

...oh, this was done in my small Moleskine reporter with ink and watercolor....the
thin sheets of the moleskine really can take some abuse.


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